Premier Quality Assurance, LLC - QA Consulting For Your Software Projects or Websites


Premier Quality Assurance, LLC is a technology consulting/staffing company focused on providing a wide variety of top-class quality assurance (QA) services. Our primary objective is to help your company gain the competitive edge by ensuring your software product or website is ready to be presented to end-users. The credibility with your customers that you will lose by releasing a bug-ridden product is far more costly than paying for quality assurance. We offer a full suite of QA services and will tailor the analysts and contract length to your specific needs. We look forward to hearing how we can earn your business. Thank you in advance!


We provide consultants who specialize in business analysis, manual testing, automated testing, QA documentation, test team management and education/training. Our rates are always extremely competitive and our contract lengths range from one week to several years. Other services we offer include, but are not limited to, look-and-feel testing (have a qualified individual or a focus group test-drive your website or software and provide usability feedback), proofreading (for help files, technical documents, text-heavy websites, etc.) and code inspection/review. Let us know how we can serve you!


Because we specialize in QA and our account execs have technical backgrounds, we are able to apply a deeper knowledge base to the screening process than other firms. Your time is valuable, and the candidates we submit to you will reflect the hard work we have invested in order to bring you the best. Call us today!