Adjective: first in position, rank, or importance
Regardless of the number of years since you have been in school, we are confident you remember at least one of “those” students. Most are the typical overachievers who are driven to be the best. Scoring a grade of an A isn’t good enough; they want 100% of the possible points and all the extra credit available. They are passionate performers and thorough almost to the point of obsession. In many cases these students are disdained by other students because their exuberant efforts “destroy the grading curve” for the rest of the class. However, in business, and especially in the field of quality assurance, these people are priceless. In our hiring, we target people who are head-and-shoulders above the rest, because we strive to offer top-notch service and results as a company. We want you to know you have the cream-of-the-crop working on your project.

Quality Assurance

Most of the time, you will find the best seafood in town at a restaurant that specializes in…you guessed it…seafood. The vast majority of consulting companies target development opportunities and, if you are lucky, they may “throw in” some quality assurance services on the side. We specialize in all things relating to the pursuit of quality. We do not target development roles and we do not hire developers who ultimately want a non-QA career path. Our consultants are proud to have careers in QA and it shows. If you want the best seafood in town, find a place that specializes in it. If you want the best quality assurance available, go with a company that specializes in it. QA is all we do, and we believe the difference will be obvious.