Ready for a Career in QA?

Quality Assurance is a rapidly growing area of information technology and the demand for qualified analysts is exploding. Unfortunately, there are many incorrect myths and negative stereotypes associated with testing (i.e. “anyone can test” and “testers are those who weren’t smart enough to be developers”). If you can weather those challenges, if you are constantly thinking of “what if” scenarios, if you are intelligent, if you are detail-oriented, and if you don’t mind some repetitive tasks now and then, a career in quality assurance may be right for you.

Working at Premier Quality Assurance, LLC

We are passionate about what we do and look for that same passion in our hiring. If you are the type of worker who would rather have too much to do than too little, let’s talk! The Premier QA team is hard working and dedicated, but we know each member has a life outside of work and we want him or her to get to live it. We have seen companies who pay well but treat employees poorly and vice versa. Why not pay well AND treat employees with the respect they deserve? One look at our benefit package and you will know we care about you. We believe happy, enthusiastic employees produce better results. If you are interested in working for us, please email your resume and salary history to