Our Mission...

As a Service Provider-
We are only as good as our reputation and are proud of the fact that much of our business comes by word-of-mouth. We are interested in building relationships first and believe the business will follow. We promote and encourage open communication so that we can constantly improve ourselves. We believe “satisfaction guaranteed” is setting the bar too low. If you are not absolutely “WOW-ed” by our performance, tell us so that we can make adjustments and serve you better.

As an Employer-
We strive to create a work environment and atmosphere that encourages our people to stay for many years. We invest in our employees on several levels and believe high morale and enthusiasm promotes stellar performance. We want our reputation in the communities where we work to be so good that if an employee does choose to move on, our name will be the brightest spot on his or her resume. We go to great lengths to keep our overhead low so that we can pay our employees well yet still provide competitive rates to our clients, providing a win-win scenario for all parties.

As a Company-
We strongly feel that if we provide excellent service and treat our employees well, much of our success will be automatic. In Texas there is a saying that goes “Big hat, no cattle,” meaning that if one feels the need to flaunt success, he or she probably doesn’t have it. Our offices are clean, comfortable and fully functional, but they are not plush with high dollar items that few people see anyway. We choose to invest in the quality of our services and our employees because we feel that quality will speak for itself and testify to our success.