Small Business Services

First Impressions are Vital
Time after time we have seen businesses attempt to impress potential customers by incorporating "bells and whistles" on their website. However, when you browse through the site, misspelled words, sentence fragments, broken links and so forth abound. This is similar to dressing for success yet having a piece of food caught in your teeth. The person you try to impress will remember the mistakes and it will reflect poorly on your business. After all, if you don't pay attention to details on your website, how can a potential customer be assured you will look after the details when dealing with him or her? Your website will leave a first impression - let us help you make it a good one.

Reduced Rates
Think you can't afford the rates charged by consulting companies? Think again. While we try to schedule consecutive projects for all our consultants, sometimes there is someone "on the bench" until his or her next assignment begins. We want to give these people work as well as help out small businesses. Think of it the way hotels work with companies like Priceline. Because they have empty rooms and overhead, they are willing to book those rooms at a lower rate. We believe you will be pleasantly surprised at the rates we can offer.

Our Services
Most small businesses don't have web development projects per se. So, while our primary market is the "technical" side of QA where we work alongside software developers, our small business services resemble more of a proofreading approach. Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Spelling accuracy - People should NOT trust spell-check. Spell-check accepted the following: "You and your gusts will enjoy..." and "We feel you are a good fir for this position." While "gusts" and "fir" are spelled correctly, they were obviously not intended for the context in which they appeared.
Grammar and sentence structure - readability is key to keeping the reader's attention.
Hyperlink check - All your links will be tested to ensure the target pages have not moved (these are called "broken" links when the user gets the "page cannot be displayed" error).
Cross-browser compatibility - Have you ever checked how your website displays and behaves with the Firefox or Safari browser? You might be surprised...and embarrassed.
Basic security - Is information that is meant to be private freely available to readers?
Graphics - Sometimes graphics have broken links so they do not show up at all. In addition, various screen resolutions may wreak havoc on the positioning of graphics.
Optional Testing - The above items are what is normally included in our website checks. We can also test data validation for user information fields (i.e. making sure a user cannot enter a first name with a number in it, but that he or she can have a last name with a hyphen or apostrophe).

Our Guarantee
You may be wondering what prevents us from claiming we tested your website and found nothing, then billing you for what seems like nothing. The answer? We guarantee our work. Simply put, if we don't find anything, you don't pay anything. How's that for a no risk offer? The errors we find have to be objective (we can't take issue with a particular color scheme since that is subjective). Details apply, such as the fact that there is a limit to how long we will test without finding anything, but we are confident you will find them very fair. Contact us today so we can help you put your best foot forward!